Gone are the days when bathrooms were viewed as strictly functional spaces, only good for brushing teeth and taking hurried showers. Nowadays, bathrooms have evolved into sanctuaries for holistic wellness and self-care, and spaces with boundless design potential that allow you to unleash your creative flair, and turn an ordinary room into a retreat that oozes elegance, sophistical and style.

If you are looking to spruce up your old bathroom or getting one made from scratch, here are 5 inspiring and cutting-edge design trends of 2023 that you must check out!

  1. Bold Colors

While neutral, earthy palettes have been a popular color scheme for a while, in 2023 designers have chosen to be a bit more adventurous and audacious. With an artistic vision that favors vibrancy and drama; bold, intense colors have been incorporated in the design philosophy. These hues add depth and character to your bathroom, while exuding a sense of confidence and personality. From the tranquility of dark blue to the serenity of forest green and the luxury of deep black, colors are perfect to create a bold and sophisticated look.

  1. Natural Materials

In 2023, designers are taking on a new approach to natural bathrooms and it’s more than just cluttering your space with pots and plants! Incorporating natural materials like wood, recycled stone, marble and bamboo can create an organic and earthy warmth. From wooden flooring or shelving, stone/ marble sinks or tiles, and bamboo accessories like soap dispensers or toothbrush holders; these elements can be added into your bathroom design in different innovative ways. Don’t forget to immerse your personal retreat in natural light by installing large windows or skylights or using sheer curtains or blinds.

  1. Free-standing Tubs

2023 is all about transforming your bathroom into a spathroom! A free-standing bathtub can be an excellent addition that can turn your bathroom into a calming spa-like retreat. Not only do they act as the centerpiece of the room, adding more visual interest, they can also provide more flexibility in terms of the layout and design of the bathroom. For an even more indulgent experience, add bubble-jets or a built-in heater.

  1. Statement Mirrors

Every room deserves a statement piece, and when it comes to bathrooms, mirrors do an excellent job at adding more personality and panache to your space. In 2023, be on the lookout for large circular mirrors, oddly shaped mirrors, vintage mirrors with ornate frames and mirrors with interesting textures such as hammered or beveled glass. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Smart Technology

As we head towards 2023, smart technology is quickly taking over our homes, with bathrooms being no exception. The latest bathroom trends suggest that we will see a surge in smart toilets; including touchless faucets, temperature-monitored showers, voice-activated controls and other self-cleaning and deodorizing features.  These advanced functionalities are meant to create a more luxurious, efficient, and hygienic bathroom experience.

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Tom Kilminster